Other collections


Construction waste

The Public Works Department can collect your construction waste for a fee of $50/m3 (maximum 3 m3, once a year, by property).

Simply contact the Public Works Department at 514-457-6844 or send an "Online Requests" form.


Electronic waste

Unwanted electronic devices must not be discarded in the garbage because their components are harmful to the environment. It is important to dispose of them properly.

Request a free pickup from Public Works by calling 514-457-6844 (online request) (for residents only). Note that the collected items will be recycled, transformed or disposed of in a safe manner.

To learn more about electronic waste, please visit this site Québec Electronic Products Recycling Association (Québec-EPRA) | RECYCLEMYELECTRONICS.CA 


Leaves and other green waste

EVERY MONDAY, residents can get rid of their fall leaves and other green waste via the organic waste collection. Simply place the containers at the curb before 7:00 a.m.    

Green waste must be placed in containers (e.g. brown bin or empty garbage can) and NOT left in piles at the curb. For extra green waste, please use biodegradable containers, such as paper bags and cardboard boxes, which will also be picked up (By-law 782 Art. 14d).


Please note that single-family dwellings and multi-dwelling buildings of 4 units and less already benefit from organic waste collection (green waste and kitchen waste) via the brown bin program, but all residents can put their green waste in accepted containers.

For more details about this pickup, please contact the Public Works Department at 514-457-6844.

Dead leaves
Garden debris
Twigs and straw
Debris from cleaning, weeding or tilling the grounds, from the vegetable garden and fruit trees
Grass clippings

Wheeled brown bin (organic waste)
Paper bags
Cardboard boxes
Empty garbage can


Bulk items

List of bulky waste accepted:

- Tables and chairs
- Chairs
- Desks
- Dressers
- Bookcases
- Mattress
- Bedroom, living room and kitchen sets

Leave your bulky items at the curb on household waste collection day or on the Spring Cleaning Day.


- Filing cabinet
- Appliance of any size (stove, toaster, refrigerator, etc.)
- Water heater
- Furnace
- Air conditioning unit

Request a free pickup from Public Works by calling 514-457-6844 (online request). For residents only.


Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

Next collection: SEPTEMBER 9TH from 9 am to 5 pm at the municipal garage of BAIE-D'URFÉ located at 300 Surrey Street

Household hazardous waste (also known as HHW) are corrosive, flammable, explosive and poisonous substances contained in household products. They are easily identifiable by the following symbols.

  • acetone
  • ammonia
  • propane tanks
  • bleach
  • lighter fluid
  • chlorine
  • creosote
  • glues and adhesives
  • paint thinners
  • nail polish removers
  • aerosol cans
  • fluorescent lights and mercury lamps
  • used oil
  • coolants
  • oven cleaners
  • pesticides
  • metal cleaners
  • wood preservatives
  • acids for clearing drain pipes

Where do I dispose of my hazardous waste?

For more information, please call Public Works at 514-457-6844

  • Canadian Tire
  • Municipal Garage (please call: 514-457-6844)

Rechargeable (Ni-CD, Ni-MH, Li-ion, Pb)

  • Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue City Hall
  • Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Library 
  • Chalet Peter-Williamson
  • Hardware stores
  • Electronic stores

Non-rechargeable (AAA - D, alkaline) 

  • Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue City Hall
  • Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Library 
  • Chalet Peter-Williamson
  • IKEA

Christmas trees

Every year after the Holidays, a special pick-up is scheduled in January for natural Christmas trees. You can put your tree at the curb every day during these 2 weeks :

  • Week of January 7th, 2019
  • Week of January 14th, 2019

This special collection is in addition to the City's many environmental sustainability efforts to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Steps to follow:

  • Trees must be free of ornaments (including hooks and icicles)
  • Trees must be placed on the curb in front of the residence (not in the snow)
  • Trees must not obstruct the sidewalk

If you miss the pick-up in your area after these dates, please contact the Public Works Department 514-457-6844.


Waste Reduction

What can we do?

Rethinking, reducing, reusing and recycling are easy ways to cut pollution, conserve natural resources and energy and reduce what goes into Montreal's landfills. While some materials such as aluminum, steel, and some types of glass can be recycled indefinitely, it is important that we approach the problem from an upstream point of view by rethinking the way we consume and that we reduce what we throw into the garbage.

For more information, please read this document: "Consommer autrement" (in French only) made by the City of Montreal and Recyc-Québec.

  • When shopping, choose products with the least packaging and bring a reusable shopping bag
  • Purchase durable items that will last you a long time such as rechargeable batteries
  • Purchase refillable items, such as dishwashing liquid, cleaning fluids
  • Print front and back
  • Avoid buying drinks or food in Styrofoam containers or other non-recyclable materials
  • When buying a product, remember you will also be throwing out the packaging
  • Avoid buying items that are individually wrapped or have excess packaging


  • Use a reuseable coffee mug and water bottle
  • Bubble-wrap, wrapping paper, ribbons, string, rubber bands, twist-ties, and paper clips can all be reused
  • Switch to cloth napkins or towels