Sainte-Anne en fleurs


Sainte-Anne en fleurs Contest

The Sainte-Anne en fleurs Contest encourages the beautification of private and public properties.

During the 2017 summer season, volunteers will visit the City streets looking for the properties with the best floral decorations.

The Ceremony will be held on Monday, September 25, 2017 at 7:30 pm at Centre Harpell, 60 Rue Saint-Pierre.

Making our community more beautiful!

Information: France Bernier at 514-457-5756, 


Winners of the 2017 edition!

Winner of the "no lawn" category - North Sector and winner of the public vote for the "no lawn" category

Residential category - district 1 : Hilarie Harubin

Residential category - district 2: Dylag Dorota

Balcony category - district 2: Daniel Anderson

Residential category - district 3: Louis Portelance

Balcony category -  district 3: Sarah Mailhot

Residential category - district 4: Raymond Beauseigle

Apartment building category: Denise Madden

"No lawn" category - South Sector: Deborah A. Campbell et Bill Tierney

Residential category - district 5 : Claudette Lefebvre et Roland Hardy

Residential category - district 6: Phillip Miller

"No lawn" category - North Sector: Laura Gill


Winners of the 2016 edition!

Category residential districts 1 and 4 - Carol Barrow

Category residential district 2 - Dylag Dorota

Category balcony balcon district 2 - Denis Lortie

Category residential district 3 - Marc Lacroix

Catégorie balcon district 3 - Sarah Mailhot

Catégorie appartement - Denise Madden

Category "No lawn" South Sector - Rachel Dansereau

Category residential district 5 - Claudette Lefebvre et Roland Hardy

Category residential district 6 - Marie-Claude Sanon et Zavier Zoabli

Category "No lawn" North Sector - Magdelena Wnuk

Super Gardeners - Wendy Fernandez


Winners of the 2015 edition!

Category “Lawn-Grass Away” - Deborah A Campbell  (South), Magdalena Dudek et Wnuk Wojciech (North)

Category residential District 1 and 4 - Kenneth G.B. Forrest et Margo Keenan

Category residential District 2 - Rachel Dansereau

Category residential District 3 - Pierre Blanchette et Louise Bourdeau

Category residential District 5 - Wendy Fernandez

Category residential District 6 - Marie-Claude Sanon 

Category apartment building - Michel Huneault



Winners of the 2014 edition!

" Lawn-Grass Away " category - Elizabeth Armstrong

" Lawn-Grass Away " category - Gordon Yee

Residential category districts 1 and 4 - Vern Montpetit

Residential category district 2 - Richard Crevier

Residential category district 3 - Louise-Marie Côté

Residential category district 5 - Wendy Fernandez

Residential category district 6 - Lucie Marceau et Michel Boudreault

Appartment building category - François Riendeau, Kelly Bergeron, Susan Glenn et Thomas Carroll

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