Road and Maintenance Works


REM Preparatory Work

Date: Winter 2019
Where: Along the West antenna

Nature of the work:
Beginning of the foundations work of the pillars of the aerial structure (drilling caisson piles).

Impacts and mitigation measures:
Noise, dust and vibration - planned mitigation measures - Minor and short-term barriers could be put in place to continue this work.


Date: March 2019
Where: Location of the future Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue station

Nature of the work:

Impacts and mitigation measures:
This work can cause noise, dust and frequent trucking.

In Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue and the West Island, work will be carried out according to the following schedule*:

Planned schedule Work
Winter and Spring 2018 Disturbance of first layer of soil
Summer 2019 Construction of access roads
Fall 2019 to spring 2020 Construction of the elevated track superstructure (pile driving)
Spring 2020 Construction of reinforced earth walls
Spring 2020 to fall 2020 Construction of the elevated track superstructure (columns)
Fall 2020 Beginning of construction of the station
Spring 2021 to fall 2021 Construction of the elevated track superstructure (installation of segmented beams)
Summer 2022 Restoration and final landscaping work

*The current sequence is subject to change without notice.

The announcement of the transitional strategy for users of the Deux-Montagnes and Mascouche train lines was released on February 28th. 


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Works at the lock of Parks Canada

Parks Canada wishes to inform the public that major rehabilitation work is being carried out on the marine structures of the Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal. The next phase of the work will be carried out on the lock structures. 

Until May 2019, work including, in particular, the repair of beams (replacement of wooden parts, painting, sawing of metal parts and welding), mechanical work on hydraulic units, the repair of the lock floor, the sidewalk, and the repair of guardrails are planned. 

Traffic should not be affected by the work.
While the work will take place outside the navigation season, the safety of the public and contractors on-site is a priority for Parks Canada. During construction, Parks Canada asks the public to exercise caution and comply with construction zones and signage.

Parks Canada makes every effort to minimize disruptions caused by infrastructure projects at the Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal. When this work has an impact on users, Parks Canada communicates work information in a variety of ways, including the @QuebecCanals social media account (Twitter) and online at