Advisory Committees


Invitation for candidates to serve on various Town committees

The City is looking for citizens wishing to get involved in the community by volunteering for one of these advisory committees:

  • Community Development Committee
  • Traffic and Public Safety Committee
  • Urban Planning Advisory Committee
  • MADA (Municipalité amie des ainés) steering committee

Advisory committees are tasked with examining various situations brought to their attention, in order to recommend to the municipal council actions that could improve the quality of the living environment. The term of office is 2 years.

Submit your contact details and a letter of motivation or any other relevant document to Town Hall, or by e-mail to [email protected] no later than 4:30 p.m. on December 22.

Those wishing to run for the urban planning advisory committee must be a member of a professional order related to this function (urban planner, architect, etc.).

Please note that if you have applied for more than one position, the Town Council encourages diversity in the selection of committee members.

*In this text, the masculine is used for the sole purpose of lightening the text.


Invitation for candidates to serve on various Town committees


Traffic and Public Safety

President (2022) : Denis Gignac, président | Jean-Pierre Cardinal, vice-président |  Yvan Labelle, observateur

President (2023) : Jean-Pierre Cardinal, président Yvan Labelle, observateur

Remo Boccardi, Jean-François Larente, Kevin Woodhouse, Roberto Beltrami, Sandu Dolbel, Denis Gignac (2023)

Contacts :
Représentant du SPVM, PDQ 1, Patrouilleur municipal , Directeur général


Planning Advisory Committee (CCU)

PresidentPaola Hawa, Mayor

Members: Denis Gignac and Dan Boyer

Contacts: Inspecteur en chef en bâtiments, Directeur général, Technicienne en urbanisme

Consult the CCU meetings calendar


Community Development

President: Dan Boyer

Members: Irina Mosesova, Thérèse Fournier, Christiane Loupelle, Corey Meath

Contacts: Coordonnateur des loisirs et de la vie communautaire, Directeur général, Secrétaire au service des loisirs et de la vie communautaire