Your feedback helps us keep our infrastructures and streets in good condition and safe. We encourage you to signal any damage to public property, graffiti, garbage, pothole, etc., whenever you notice them.

Requests are sent directly to the Public Works Department, and the employee on call ensures the work is done and that you get a follow-up.


To Report a Situation to Public Works

In order to follow up on your request, you must use the Online Requests SystemBy using this service, you are certain to get a fast and complete follow-up, as a unique number is automatically generated for each request, allowing citizens to track its progress online.

You can also report a non-urgent situation to the City with the mobile app Voilà !. Using geolocation, you can target the problem or simply enter a civic address near it. Then select the nature of the problem and add a description (you can even attach a photo).

Regardless of which tool you use for your report, please provide as much information as possible in your initial message so that the person opening your ticket can process it quickly.

  • Exact address of the location affected by the request
  • Type of request
  • Detailed description of your request
  • Any other relevant information