Lost and Found Animals


Lost and Found Animals

What to do when you find a stray animal?

Any stray animal must be reported to the Municipal Patrol (514-457-1001).

The agent checks if the animal is wearing a medal. If so, they can trace the owner and contact them right away. If the animal does not wear a medal, it is taken to a shelter. For each animal that arrives, the shelter checks if it is identified (microchip or tattoo); if this is the case, they communicate with the owner.

What to do when you lose your pet?

In case of loss, you must communicate quickly with the Municipal Patrol (514 457-1001). An agent will put you in touch with the shelter that takes care of the animals in the area to check if your animal is there. If your pet is lost and is not in one of the local shelters, a citizen may have temporarily housed him. It is therefore important to prepare a poster announcing that you are looking for it with a photo and your contact information. You can display it in public places (with the permission of the person in charge) and in the shops that accept this kind of display.

You can also email us with the description, a photo of the animal and your contact information at info@sadb.qc.ca. Please provide as much detail as possible, for example:

  • Photo
  • Race
  • Name
  • Sex
  • Color
  • Size, weight
  • Collar
  • Any distinctive signs
  • Has a medal/microchip/tattoo?
  • Date and time you last saw it
  • Where you last saw it

If you find a dead pet, contact the Municipal Patrol.