General information

The City now bans the use of pesticides of the neonicotinoid family.

Neonicotinoids are pesticides that are used as insecticides to fight against different types of insects. They are systemic pesticides which, once applied, are distributed to all parts of the plant, making it toxic to insects, especially bees.

Any use of pesticides of the neonicotinoid family is now prohibited outside of buildings. This applies without exception to any type of application or land uses. Despite this prohibition, there are some exceptions to the pesticide application, other than pesticides of the neonicotinoid family, which may be permitted, provided a temporary permit is obtained from the Urban planning department.

Please consult our bylaw #790 concerning the use of pesticides.


Prohibited products

Pesticides of the neonicotinoid family, who are currently registered in Canada, are composed of five active ingredients :

  • Acetamiprid
  • Clothianidin
  • Imidacloprid
  • Thiacloprid
  • Thiamethoxam

Good to know:

In stores, avoid buying products that are part of the neonicotinoid family. Information regarding the active ingredients of pesticides is found on the product label next to the word " guarantee " and is usually associated with a % or concentration.