CodeRED (Emergency alerts system)

The City uses an automated emergency call service to broadcast alerts and send you general advisories.


In the event of a major emergency, be informed!

Registered residents would receive important information including possible procedures to follow by telephone, email and SMS text messages. The Town can use this system to notify the entire Town at large or to pinpoint a single street or area in order to only notify the affected residents of a water supply problem due to a water main rupture.


In order to take full advantage of this system, we encourage all of our residents and merchants to visit the above link and add secondary phone numbers, cell phone numbers and email addresses to the data base. By doing so, you will be able to receive text messages, emails and a phone call should you be away from your home during an emergency. Smartphone users are encouraged to provide an email address.

:: Please note that you will see 866-419-5000 on your call display should an emergency call be made to you on behalf of the City :: 



What happens if I fail to answer a CodeRED call?

  • If you have voicemail, the system will leave a message.
  • If you do not have voicemail, the system will call you back at least three times within 15 minutes.

Can I listen to an advisory a second time?

When you receive a CodeRED call, the number 866-419-5000 will be displayed. To hear the most recent advisory, dial this number from the same telephone.