Resources for Seniors


W.I. Volunteer Accompaniment Service

Pointe-Claire, Québec

Social Accompagnements
Telephone: 514.513.3838
Email: [email protected]
Medical Accompaniments
Telephone: 514.694.3838
Email: [email protected]
W.I. Volunteer Accompaniment Service, also known as ABOVAS, is a non-profit organization and has a mission to provide volunteer accompaniment-transportation for appointments to West Island residents in vulnerable situations.
The medical side of this organization covers recurring, annual and unscheduled appointments on the island of Montreal. On the social side, they accompany clients to: grocery stores, pharmacies, shopping malls, salons, spiritual places, post offices, cleaners, etc.
The bottom line is that their volunteers do more than drive their clients to their appointments. They listen to them, reassure them. They pick them up at their homes, walk them to the hospital waiting room, or through the aisles of a grocery store and take them home.

Volunteer West Island

1, rue de l’Église
Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC H9X 1W4
514 457-5445 |

Volunteer West Island (VWI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the needs of volunteers as well as the community organizations and groups that require volunteer help.
We also provide quality community-based health and support services to seniors and, we are dedicated to delivering innovative programs and services and developing partnerships with the community that we serve. We encourage a culture of giving!


West Island Community Resources Centre

514 694-6404 | [email protected] |

The West Island Community Resource Centre (CRC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving individual and collective well-being in the West Island for over 35 years. The CRC provides information and referral services to citizens, and in collaboration with its community partners, it aims to strengthen the development of the community sector. Our mission is to connect, promote and support the West Island community.


Richelieu Club

Jean-Claude Provost: [email protected]
Claude Tellier: 514 708-7861

The Richelieu Club of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue has been very involved in the community since it was founded in 1953, with helping children and youth as its primary mission. The Club conducts a number of fundraising events throughout the year to give back to members of the community  in need. For example, members organize roadblocks, dinner parties and various popular events.


Bread Basket Lac St. Louis

68 Avenue Prince Edward
Pointe-Claire, QC, H9R 4C7
514 894-5850 |

Non-profit organisation which  mission is to offer a variety of activities (community kitchens and gardens, kitchen and nutrition workshops, etc.). They promote the accessibility, availability and  affordability of healthy foods for the West Island population, in collaboration with other community players.


The Elder Mistreatment Helpline

The mandate of the Ligne Aide Abus Aînés (AAA Line) is to develop and operate a national telephone hotline for listening, crisis intervention and specialized referral in matters of elder abuse.

When you call the AAA Line, you'll receive information on the types of abuse and their impact on your quality of life, physical health and psychological well-being. You'll also learn about the resources available to support you in this difficult situation and/or to help you put a stop to it.

Do you think you're being abused, or are you concerned that someone close to you may be? Call the Elder Abuse Help Line at 1 888 489-ABUS (2287).

Other tools that can be useful in preventing elder abuse include the following:

La maltraitance envers les personnes âgées videos:
Guide on identifying situations of elder abuse:

NOVA West Island

447 boul. Beaconsfield
Beaconsfield, QC, H9W 4C2
514-695-8335 |

The delivery of high-quality healthcare has been the cornerstone of the NOVA (formerly VON) nurses' mandate for over 108 years. At NOVA West Island, experienced, caring, and dedicated professional staff and volunteers work together to improve the quality of life for vulnerable adults, youth and families. NOVA West Island offers a range of services free of charge or at low cost through the financial support of individuals, foundations, corporations, municipalities, community groups and through Fundraising activities. 


Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Parish -- Food Bank

1 Rue de l'Église
Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC H9X 1W4
514 820-7174

The Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Parish food bank offers support to less fortunate families in our community. The counter organizes two events before the holiday season to fill its coffers and inventory non-perishables: the Roadblock Fundraiser and the Guignolée.


West Island Citizen Advocacy (WICA)

68, Prince Edward
Pointe-Claire, QC, H9R 4C7
514 694-5850 |

West Island Citizen Advocacy is a registered charitable, non-profit community group whose mission is to recruit, screen, train, match and follow-up volunteer citizen advocates who work one-to-one or on a team with persons who are handicapped or are disadvantaged in our community.


Programs and services for seniors -- Government of Canada

1-800-622-6232 |

Help ensure your later years are safe and secure by learning about programs, services, and information available for seniors.

Discover everything the Government of Canada has to offer, from caregiving benefits to wellness, safe living, fraud prevention, finance and so much more.