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March 20, 2019


In 2018, we did not record any damage on municipal or private lands. We will share details of the 2019 flood emergency plan at a Citizens' Information Session on April 3 at 6:30 pm at Centre Harpell.


Levels of activation of the emergency plan


Red zones


Make your 72 hours emergency kit

It’s important to have an emergency kit in your home. Make sure it contains enough material, food and water to meet your family’s basic needs for at least the first 3 days of an emergency situation.

Keep your emergency kit in a place that is easy to access. Check its contents yearly and replace batteries and water supplies as required.

>> See what are the essential items to keep in your emergency kit


Protect your home … not your property

  1. Install a backflow preventer valve to your floor or garage drains to prevent backup of sanitary sewers.
  2. Caulk and seal your basement windows.
  3. Build a sand dike directly against the outside wall for added strength.
  4. Check that your submersible pump is in good working order.
  5. Rent additional pumps as necessary.
  6. Move your furniture upstairs, if possible

Homeowners are required to obtain the necessary additionnalequipmentand labour to protect their home or business.

If water begins to cover the floor, DO NOT TAKE A RISK, CALL 9-1-1 and Hydro-Québec or SIM will take the necessary measures. 


How to caulk and seal my basement windows?

See the video of the Borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro as an example.


How to make a sand bags dike?

Side view
Front view

Homeowners are required to obtain the necessary additional equipment and labour to protect their home or business.

The sand pallets will be picked up in the week of June 4, 2018.


Where to get sandbags and plastic foil in the area?

Plastic foil - Vapour Barrier : Thickness 0.006 inches / 0.150 mm

RONA Pincourt
1200 Boulevard du Traversier, Pincourt

Patrick Morin
1900 Boulevard du Traversier, Pincourt

Réno Dépôt
3010 Boulevard de la gare, Vaudreuil-Dorion

55 Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes, Vaudreuil-Dorion


Pumps and generators warning

When emptying your basement, be extremely careful when operating your pumps and generators, in order to avoid suffocation, electrocution or ignition of a fire.

The use of (gasoline) pumps can be a source of carbon monoxide poisoning which can cause various effects ranging from headaches to coma and death. Be advised that asphyxiating gases are odorless, colorless and painless. These appliances must be placed outdoors and ensure that the wind does not push the exhaust into the house.

If you or anyone around you feels any discomfort, stop the operation of your pump, call 911 or see a doctor immediately.


If you must evacuate

Inform the municipal authorities by calling at 514-457-6666.


  • To reach you in case of emergency or additional damage to your home
  • To be aware of the evacuated areas to ensure more surveillance
  • To inform you of the procedure to return to your home when the time comes

When you call, we will be asked the following questions:

  • Personal information (name, address, telephone number where we can reach you)?
  • How many people were evacuated and how many stayed at home?
  • Do you need assistance to get to the Centre Harpell (people, animals, baggage)?
  • Special medication, reduced mobility, pets?

The Centre Harpell is a transition centre where you will find shelter, food, psychological support, minor medical care and help with relocation.



Relocation assistance

If you have not managed to reach family or friends, the City will accommodate you for up to 24 hours.

Call us >> 514-457-6666


Return home

CAREFUL! Before you go back home, get advice from the authorities and professionals, especially if your home has been flooded. >> call us at 514-457-6666. After, Montreal Fire Department (SIM – Service Incendie Montréal) will communicate with the applicant.

:: Wait for the SIM visit and authorization to return to your home and follow all their recommendations ::

Consult specialists

  • A master electrician to restore power, check the condition of your electrical installations and carry out any work required to restore them.
  • A heating specialist to get your appliances up and running again
  • A plumber to check the pipes.
  • Énergir or your gas distributor to reopen the gas supply line.

You can go back home - Other recommendations

  • Wear boots and gloves.
  • Watch out for pieces of broken glass and other dangerous debris that may injure you.
  • Avoid using electrical extensions in places where there are still damp spots.
  • Don’t use any flood-dirty electrical or heating equipment, to avoid the risk of electrocution or fire.
  • Dispose of all food and medication that have been in contact with flood water or that could not be stored at appropriate temperature.
  • Dispose of anything damaged by following the municipality’s instructions in this regard.
  • Keep an eye on the structure of your home. Floor bulging or wall warping could jeopardize your family’s safety as well as your own.
  • Make a list of the damage caused to your property (take photos, if necessary) and send this information to your Borough and your insurer.


If you need help building your sand dikes:

  1. Call 514-457-6666
  2. We will "appeal to all" through the website and our social media

:: However, the City cannot guarantee assistance within the required time ::

The registration form  for missions "Victim assistance " and "Municipal Patrol" is available by clicking here



Containers: When the time comes, the city will offer citizens containers for the disposal of garbage.

Additional garbage collection: When the time comes, there will be additional garbage collection for citizens affected.

Cleaning kits: When the time comes, citizens will have free access to a cleaning kit consisting of a mask and rubber gloves.

Volunteer cleanup brigades: Watch the city's communication channels for the date(s) of volunteer cleanup brigades.


Useful emergency numbers

Flood emergency: (April 3rd to May 31st) : 514-457-6666

Police and Fire : 9-1-1

Info-Santé : 8-1-1 (Health-Info)

CLSC du Lac-St-Louis (CIUSSS) : 514 697-4110

Hydro-Québec : 1-800-790-2424 (Power Outage Info)  or call 9-1-1 (Emergency situation)

Énergir : 1-800-361-8003 (smells and gas leak) or call 9-1-1

Transport Québec : 5-1-1 (Road Network)


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